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Lynzey Ruscitti-Conroy,

ISCP- Canine Behaviour Diploma Graduate, GDA-PPDT, Family Dog Mediator (L.E.G.S) & Fear Free Certified

Providing In-home, private training sessions for puppies and dogs of all breeds and learning levels. Learning designed with you and your dog in mind!

From puppy level, cooperative care, basic manners and life skills to more personalized goals, such as behavior modification, I'm eager to help you and your dog (or even someone you may know) navigate your training journey with science & enthusiasm!


Force-Free, Science-Based Training

Hey there, I'm Lynzey- owner of Swell Hound Dog Training! I earned my first Positive Reinforcement certification through Good Dog Academy (Certification #: 21PPDT118), and  shortly after, acquired my Fear Free Certification, L.E.G.S Family Dog Mediator certificate, and Diploma in Canine Behaviour from the International School of Canine Psychology & Behaviour (The ISCP). I am also a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers (CAPDT Member 695), and the Pet Professional Guild (membership # 70283758). I am continuously researching and staying up-to-date with the latest science behind dog training and behavior (a perfect, never-ending project for the nerd in me)!

My personal philosophy is that training should be fun (like games!); should be bite sized (like treats!); and ultimately about engaging in 2-way communication (like walks!). This means that I use treats, toys, praise and games as a means of shaping canine behaviour. 


At Swell Hound Dog Training, my goal is to help you cultivate your dog (that’s right- the one beside you, with all their wonderful quirks) into one who not only knows their manners, but who is also confident, and able to cope with whatever their environment throws their way. Similarly, I teach you how to be a reliable support system for your dog, and how you can become a better listener (because our dogs are always telling us stuff- but sometimes our hearing is selective...sound familiar?). 


At the end of the day, we get our dogs for companionship; but first, we must show them how to do this by becoming a companion for them. Forget trying to be a "Dog Whisperer"; let's focus on being "Dog Listeners"!

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